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Course on Cybersecurity and Anonymity

Download now By studying the course, you will learn: Security: Set up an…
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By studying the course, you will learn:


  • Set up an anonymous and secure system
  • Cash out dirty and gray money receipts
  • Bypass bank checks
  • Hide fingerprint and IP spoofing
  • Configure virtualization security
  • Encrypt traffic and protect against interception
  • Intercept traffic in TOR
  • Mastering our personalized software
  • Gain knowledge of attack vectors and attack prevention measures
  • Create an isolated network without any leaked traffic


  • Look for vulnerabilities by phasing
  • Extract Databases and monetize data
  • Master Linux
  • Massive server harvesting
  • Cast shells exploiting Remote File Include
  • Gain access to servers
  • Automate operations
  • Get your DNS up and pouring traffic into it
  • Understand that data is the most valuable thing in the world and monetize it
  • Work on traffic


  • Set up and use viruses
  • Turn downloads into money
  • Understand viruses
  • Bypass anti-viruses
  • Create and control a botnet
  • Manage your machine after being infected
  • Cleaning up after an attack

Social Engineering:

  • Leading the way to people
  • Understand behavioral patterns
  • Build trust
  • Manipulate behavior
  • Making money from HYIPs
  • Make attack plans
  • Avoid basic mistakes

Who this course is for:

  • You’re beckoned to the dark side, but you don’t know where to start
  • You want to put the big patties in your pocket using your brain
  • You want to master the most lucrative avenues
  • You’re not a hamster who believes in a bright future working for your uncle
  • You want to stop looking at Michelin prices on menus
  • You realize that the real big bucks come from intelligence
  • You’re sick of the words “credit” and “mortgage” and have set a goal to buy everything you want for real cash
  • You’ve read all of these points and you’re ready to fuck


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