Crypto Feb 25, 2020

Coinbase Granted Power by Visa to Issue Crypto Debit Cards

Cryptocurrency debit cards gaining prominence

The assimilation of cryptocurrency technology in widely accepted systems seems to be advancing every day. The latest facet of this is the inclusion of Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange wallet, into the Visa principal membership.

This elevation would mean that Coinbase would be the first authentic cryptocurrency exchange platform to receive such a highly coveted and esteemed accreditation. Deductions from trusted reports claim that the exchange worked hand in hand with Paysafe to realize this tremendous feat. This membership was effected sometime in December, but the news hit the headlines this month.

There have been a few times when Coinbase and Visa have worked together to realize a collaborative advancement. Trusted reports claim the prototype of the Coinbase Card was released last year.

This new fusion has its roots tied to the previous iteration of the card. Still, it is believed to be drastically more advanced than the former given that it has a broader reach in terms of service provision, and there is an expansion in the market in which the card would be viable.

With regards to markets, it is said the Coinbase Card will be available in twenty-nine markets, mostly in the European Union membership bracket. The card itself can function globally, but it cannot be availed to people residing outside the supported areas.

The card also has additional service benefits, such as supporting nearly ten cryptocurrencies. From paying one's public transport fee to funding international holiday vacations, the revolutionary card has been uniquely tweaked and tailored to assimilate into a plethora of day-to-day situations and activities seamlessly. The bulk of the users are majorly located in the United Kingdom, with immediate contenders being Spain, Italy, and France.

A statement from Coinbase company heads expresses great pride in the advancement marking it a significant milestone in infusing the cryptocurrency payment experience as a genuine modern-day utility.

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