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Cloning of sites, debugging, deplooing, anonymity

Author: author Title: Cloning Sites, Debugging, Deployment, Anonymity Hello…

Author: author

Title: Cloning Sites, Debugging, Deployment, Anonymity

Hello friends!

As you understood this material will cover many aspects of creating, cloning, maintaining and deploying a website.

I will tell you how I clone sites. But probably anyone who has ever done this before has encountered bugs, so I will add documentation on how to debug code properly, because for me debugging takes almost half of the time.

We will debug both front-end and back-end. Also debugging jQuery, that’s the hardest part, since all the code goes through the library layer.

How to use 100% browser tools for debugging.

I’ll show you what tools I need to debug the backend scripts.

After we’ve cloned the site – let’s add some dynamics to it, that is, attach the backend scripts.

As a bonus to all this will be information about how sites track us, leave information, and what tools we have to fight multaccounting on their sites.

I will touch on setting up my environment: npm, gulp, etc.

There will be also different little bonuses in the material itself.

Who is this product for?

  • For people who want to learn how to clone sites quickly.
  • For people who are not satisfied with a cloned static site and want to add some dynamics to the backend.
  • For people who pay proper attention to debugging and environment.
  • For people who are really into the web and the internal specification of the browser.
  • For people who are passionate about web security and want to be on trend.
  • Who want to get to know the browser better, not read another manual about trivial things like var or let in JS.
  • Who do not like to read long manuals, which consist of 90% of water.

Who should refuse?

Who doesn’t like complexity. You can close this page, do not waste your money on accumulating material you do not need or are not interested in.

I work on Linux distributions, currently Ubuntu. But all the tools I use in my home are also available on Windows.


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