Markets Dec 12, 2021

Cannazon Market Has Retired from the Dark Web

Dread users have expressed their disappointment after Cannazon Market retired…

Cannazon Market has left the dark web scene according to an announcement that was made by the platform’s admin on the Dread forum.

According to the market’s operators, the decision to go offline was pegged on the need to retire, which is a commendable exit strategy in contrast of the common dark web exit scams that have signalled the end of many underground marketplaces.

The announcement also pointed out that all orders had been finalized, and that all vendors had received their funds, before the market went on to hang its boots. What’s interesting is that the Cannazon staff admitted that an end to the platform was bound to arrive, stating that “no market will be here forever”.

Part of the announcement on the Dread forum read:
“Since our first days it was pretty clear for us that we will never do an exit scam like some other markets. We prepared a strategy to minimize the risk of vendors exit scamming and buyers losing money. The massive DDOS attack was a very good chance to lower the number of orders and we decided to keep the market partially offline afterwards.
This is the reason why the market was not reachable and not fully functional in the last days.
By this, we could ensure that the number of orders was minimized and all paid orders were shipped. We are very sorry that we had to keep you in the dark for the last days.
In our opinion this was the best way to prevent some vendors from trying to exit scam, harming you and the community.”

Figure 1: A screenshot of the Cannazon announcement on the Dread forum.

Dread Users React

As with recent darknet market retirements, various users were quick to comment on the latest development against the background of feedback indicating the growth that had been realized by the marketplace to become the go-to cannabis shop.

Vendor /u/DreamWeaver thanked the Cannazon Market team for all that they have done for the years they’ve been in operation and lauded the platform’s support team for their professionalism when dealing with various user issues.

The vendor revealed that they had chosen Cannazon as their next best market following the demise of Dream Market that was the world’s top underground marketplace in its heydays. The dark web seller went on to vent their frustrations over Cannazon’s decision to close shop and hoped that the marketplace will opt to make a future return to the dark web market scene in future.

In order to understand the full impact of Cannazon’s exit, the following screenshots of user reactions will give you a clear idea:

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:



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