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Can we use free VPN?

Hi, let’s look at the question of whether free vpn can be safe or free…

Hi, let's look at the question of whether free vpn can be safe or free cheese only in a mousetrap?

More and more people use vpn for their safety and anonymity. There are more than one hundred services that provide their services vpn. There are among them both free and paid. Among paid there are expensive, and there are cheap. And the question immediately arises: is it worth paying for Vpn if you can use it for free?

Personally, I think not. It is better to use paid vpn. I will mention six arguments in favor of my opinion:

1) Stability of connection. Free VPN in this regard is clearly losing. After all, it has much more users, there is not enough power at all and often a connection is broken, which is very annoying.

2) Connection speed. For the same reason, the speed of a free vpn connection is significantly worse than that of a paid vpn. Servers simply can not cope with the load imposed on them, because the free riders a lot, in the end the speed upsets (

3) But the first two drawbacks, although they cause inconvenience, are not as unpleasant as data loss. And free VPNs sin with this. The fact is that there are several pieces of protocols that are used to transfer data on VPN networks. And each one has a different level of security. Free VPNs usually use the simplest and most accessible PPTP protocol. But it is already somewhat outdated and unsafe, and it is possible to intercept data through it.

4) Also, due to the large number of freeloaders ip addresses free vpn are in many blacklist. After all, free VPNs are used by short-sighted guys for dark deeds (they did not read this article and don’t know that free VPNs are not really safe), and spammers and cheaters. As a result, the range of work through a free VPN is greatly narrowed, since quite a lot of services and sites either become inaccessible at all, or it becomes very inconvenient to work with them (constantly requests captcha, etc.)

5) Limited geographical choice. As a rule, free VPNs provide servers in only a small number of countries. Not such a terrible minus, but still there are situations when a particular country is needed, but you cannot choose it.

6) And the last, but the most important minus of free VPN. This is the sale of data "to the left." Yes Yes exactly. VPN services have access to all traffic passing through them, and you have to earn money somehow. If you do not charge users directly, you have to earn income in a different way. They can merge a variety of data and for a variety of purposes, from fairly innocuous (you will then simply receive spam to your mail, that is, your mail address will be merged) to the complete discharge of all data about you.

My verdict is that a free VPN can only be used for the purpose of entering the torrent forum, downloading a file from there, and breaking the connection. No more. Sitting with him constantly, enter data, and even more so to engage in dark affairs with a free VPN.


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