Crypto Jun 28, 2022

California Man Pays a Hitman $13K in Bitcoin to Kill his Ex-Girlfriend (Report)

Scott Quinn Berkett might spend the next 10 years of his life behind bars…
Scott Quinn Berkett might spend the next 10 years of his life behind bars for paying $13,000 worth of bitcoin to a Dark Web murderer.

According to reports, 25-year-old Beverly Hills resident Scott Quinn Burkett admitted guilt to transmitting $13,000 worth of bitcoins to a hired assassin on the Darknet. The latter was to murder Berkett’s former sweetheart.

Coins at the site of the crime According to a CBS News story, the Californian guy and his unidentified companion started dating soon after they connected online in 2020. But soon after, the woman made an attempt to end things because she thought Burkett was being sexually aggressive. The man tried everything he could to keep the relationship going. When the woman’s relatives became concerned, she got in touch with Burkett and requested him to avoid her.

The 25-year-old refused to abide by this demand and even hired a murderer on the Darknet who was paid $13,000 in bitcoins to kill a woman. Fortunately, undercover officers immediately learned about the incident and got in touch with

Burkett by pretending to be the murderer. A Beverly Hills neighbor corroborated several victim images and even paid cops an additional $1,000 in order to help them gather evidence of the deceased’s murder.

He will get his punishment on September 13 and might spend up to 10 years in a federal prison. crypto and darknet

Digital assets, according to the asset class’s detractors, might support illicit activity. Such agreements have, in fact, been widely used in recent years. Macarand Pardip Adivirkar, also known as “Crypto King,” was detained by Indian authorities last summer on suspicion of using bitcoins to purchase narcotics on the dark web. The prosecutor’s office claims that the criminal purchased narcotics from both European and Indian dealers. “NCB Mumbai destroyed 20 LSD locations in the Malad area of Harodi in November 2020. The psychoactive drug that was confiscated was purchased using bitcoins in Europe.

The COVID-19 vaccination was in high demand that summer since it not only shielded patients against the illness but also allowed them to travel. As a result, several less developed nations made a concerted effort to immunize all of their citizens.

Darknet thieves seized the chance to market fake certifications and stolen medications. Due to the vendors’ preference for bitcoins (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC), and monero, ten shots of the AstraZeneca medication cost $250 in cryptocurrencies (XMR).

The US Department of Justice seized cryptocurrency connected to illicit activity in the darknet, valued at nearly $ 34 million, in April of this year. The Florida individual sold more than 100,000 illicit items on trading networks, and the organization seized the money from him.


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