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Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition

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This is the official code for the Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency | Full-Stack Edition course on Udemy by David Katz. Also, be sure to check out the commit-by-commit breakdown of the course for an easier time investigating issues with your project.


Commit-by-commit breakdown of course


The blockchain is a revolutionary technology that allows for the secure, distributed, decentralized storage of information. Over the past few years, the blockchain has taken the engineering landscape by storm. Many people in the industry predict that the blockchain will disrupt the ways we interact with technology on the same way the Internet did in the early 2000s.

This course is a remastered version of the original Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency from Scratch course released in early 2018:

This takes that course’s best content, and adds a ton of additional material: Some of the main course highlights:

  • Code a full-on backend with test-driven development.
  • Write a full test suite for the backend.
  • Build a Blockchain in the object-oriented programming style.
  • Create a full frontend React.js web application.
  • Deploy the application to production (with multiple servers).
  • Create an API around the Blockchain.
  • Create a real-time connected peer-to-peer server with a pub/sub implementation.
  • Implement a proof-of-work algorithm.
  • Sign Transactions with cryptography and digital signature.
  • Create a Transaction Pool for a real-time list of incoming data.
  • Include transactions in core blocks of the chain.


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