General News Jun 04, 2021

British Intelligence Are Recruiting Chinese Whistleblowers on Dark Web Over COVID-19

British Intelligence are trying to recruit Chinese whistleblowers in COVID-19…


British intelligence operatives are reaching out to Chinese whistleblowers on the dark web over reports that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The authorities are now probing a potential virus escape from the Wuhan laboratory as a shocking report alleged that COVID-19 may have been created artificially.

Looking back, a host of theories that been raised concerning a potential virus leak had initially been dispelled by a majority of stakeholders across government and non-governmental circles. The assumption that these fears were “conspiracy theories” have since been challenged by intelligence officials that are looking to unravel the evidence.

In the U.S., President Joe Biden is reported to have begun asking for a “redoubled investigation” to ascertain that the pandemic was not initiated by human error.

British Investigation and Dark Web Recruitment

British intelligence have since studied the theory behind COVID-19’s genesis by qualifying the reports as “feasible” rather than “remote”.

Considering that Western powers do not have enough human intelligence sources operating on Chinese soil, it is reported that British intelligence has opted to gather critical data by trying to exploit the dark web in hiring whistleblowers.

Historically, the dark web, which has been synonymous with criminal enterprise, has been used for good intentions by Chinese nationals to leak secrets internationally without the risk of being arrested and prosecuted by the Communist Party.

In context of the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of stakeholders have doubted China’s sincerity in sharing information about both the origin and extent of coronavirus infection within the country.

U.S. sources believe that such gaps in information could not only hamper the efforts invested in fighting the virus and preventing the occurrence of another global health crisis.

Such concerns are justified by substantive evidence concerning the issue of misinformation that has played a big role in exacerbating the socioeconomic and health effects of the pandemic.

Case in point, authorities discovered the existence of dark web groups working to take advantage of disruptions in the vaccine supply chain by selling unregulated and fake COVID-19 vaccines that would otherwise cause grievous harm to users.

How the Dark Web Can Be Used for Whistleblowing

Notable whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden and Julian Assange provide important examples about how public opinion can be shaped by holding governments accountable.

Dark web technology has been instrumental in enabling modern whistleblowers to share their stories without fears of being arrested or killed by oppressive regimes. The ability to leak information without having to reveal personal identity is pegged on the application of TOR sites that guarantee secure communication and anonymity.

One of the dark web-hosted whistleblowing services is Dead Man Zero. The platform works to provide whistleblowers with the option to have their information leaked automatically even in scenarios where they get detained, injured or killed by their captors.

Dead Man Zero is only accessible via the Tor network, and operates by allowing cloud uploads by users who are looking to share secret files. The information can be stored in an encrypted format and locked with a password to advance its security.

To leak information, a whistleblower will be required to upload sensitive files along with descriptive information about what they intend to share. The platform will then protect the files using an encryption method to advance ensure their security.

Thereafter, the whistleblower will receive a unique web address that they can use to log in to the platform. The upload process may be accompanied by the option to choose specific time frames to initiate the information sharing process.

If the whistleblower fails to log into Dead Man Zero, the uploaded files will be automatically shared to designated email addresses that had been provided by the user.


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