Crypto Feb 07, 2022

Bitcoin Reflects Stocks Rally, Hits a Price High

The Bitcoin price has improved alongside a rally in U.S. stocks

Bitcoin rallied to hit the highest price point in the last two weeks following a rather troubling start to the year 2022 – this extended the recent gains made as various coins showed recovery that reflected positive market changes within the stock markets.

Blockchain analysts reported that the world’s biggest crypto by market share reached $41,983 that represented an improvement from the previous week’s 16 percent fall in value that was attributed to a host of factors contributing to a price crash.

As such, the price action was described as a 27 percent rise from the January 24 performance that had sent tags a waging following the attainment of a paltry $32,951.

Furthermore, ether, the crypto that is linked to Ethereum, reached $3,000 for the first time in a long while even as Bitcoin boasted the largest single-day gain since mid-June 2021. This was inferred by analysts as the first major bounce from the time investors had panicked about the Fed’s plans to hike interest rates in light of the worsened U.S. inflation.

As mentioned already, the Bitcoin price jump took place as U.S. stocks rose in value and came as a highlight to the realization that Bitcoin has managed to assert itself alongside other mainstream assets – they all adjust to investor risk appetite and notable business news events.

While commenting on the Bitcoin price action against the stocks rally, Ed Hindi (the chief investment officer of crypto hedge fund Tyr Capital) was quoted by The Economic Times saying:

"The current panic and volatility surrounding bitcoin is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of it as an asset class. When valuations on the Nasdaq fall, misguided institutional investors start liquidating bitcoin positions en-masse as if it were a tech stock."

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