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Best Browsers for Anonymous Web Browsing

Browsers specifically designed to increase online anonymity

Technology has been advancing but hackers are all around us. Web browsing has since ceased to be limited to honest browsers, and therefore, as you go on with your browsing activities, you can’t help but wonder who is monitoring your online activities.

From the time when Internet Explorer was our all in all with limited speed, giving way to Mozilla and then Chrome, browsing was made easier. Then, with increased speed, there was yet something else unforeseen: security and privacy.

Internet Service Providers (ISP) adhere to the orders of the Government and other security bodies to allow the users data and communication to be viewed whenever required. Cybercriminals take advantage of those using browsers with weak security.

Cases of cyberbullying are rampant, resulting in the increased need for some form of, if not, absolute anonymity. In as much as technology itself can be a pain in the neck, it is the only way to solve the problem of security and privacy.

Privacy web browsers have been developed to address security and other issues. We will go through some of the most anonymous web browsers, and see just how private they are, and the effects they have on the global web.

Tor Browser

Among the top anonymous browsers, Tor blocks trackers by isolating each site you visit, preventing third party viewers from accessing your activities online. Once you are done browsing with Tor, your browsing history and any cookies automatically gets cleared.

Using Tor protects you from surveillance in that anyone trying to spy on your connections is unable to glean any useful information. All they can see is that you are browsing via Tor.

Tor browser gives you privacy since your device information cannot be located for fingerprinting. This is so because all the users appear to be the same. As your traffic passes through the Tor network, it is relayed and encrypted three times.

Tor network comprises thousands of Volunteer-run servers called the Tor Relays. These servers create a form of maze, making it impossible for network traffic analysts from tracking your every move.

Tor can be installed and saved on a USB disc, and does not require you to reinstall every time you change devices. The US Navy and other law enforcement bodies use this browser.

Torrent sites blocked for copyright protection and to curb music piracy can easily and freely be accessed through Tor browser.

Epic Browser

Epic browser is trusted for security, safety and utmost privacy. During installation, Epic requires time to adjust to the various internet surfing. Once set, this browser can surf any type of data with no memory saved.

Epic is ideal in the sense that any sensitive data and passwords used are deleted automatically. Once you install this browser, you can browse immediately and directly without having to go through manual set up of the security methods before commencing your browsing activities.

What makes Epic browser stand out among the anonymous browsers is its ability to disable everything to achieve optimized privacy. Additionally, it disables all the cookies and privacy caches from various websites, keeping them off your device.

Comodo Dragon Browser
This browser is helpful in boosting your private data security, blocking and disabling trackers, cookies and web spies.

Comodo Dragon Browser has an inbuilt domain validation technology which attends to the separation of the weak and strong SSL certificates. The validation system of this browser validates your data before it is ready for use on secure online websites.

The browser employs the highly efficient Comodo anti-virus software to protect your computer from viruses and other malware.

Brave Browser

Brave browser addresses the challenge of web insecurity by offering the safest, faster and amazing browsing experience. Brave looks into the functions of the web, and so is an open source software built with anonymity in mind.

The founder of Brave is the Javascript and co-founder of Mozilla. Java is downloaded as an app from the PlayStore and is used on the Android platform. The browser has in-built Adblock which prevents the appearance of pop-up windows and tabs.

SRWare Iron Browser

This is a free web browser whose aim is to eliminate usage tracking and other compromises on individual privacy which Google Chrome seems to have overlooked.

The browser is available for free for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. Where identity protection is concerned, SRWare is gaining popularity. Based on Google Chrome, This browser is well known as “The Browser of the Future.”

It offers customized options for your total satisfaction and fulfillment in securing your surf and data. It also does not generate a program installation ID, no tracking of downloads or the browser’s installation and does not offer background updates as is common with Google Chrome.

Idyll Browser (Utopia Ecosystem)

This browser surpasses many anonymous browsers with speed, highest security and confidentiality on the web.

Idyll is part of the anonymous peer-to-peer network Utopia. Your browsing history and other personal data are not stored on a third party server, and cannot be intercepted.

The functionality of this browser is ranked high and so with your need for a secure messenger, e-wallet, browser and email, Utopia has got you covered. These services are integrated into an all-in-one application.


The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) is a project from Tor, believed to be the advanced version of Tor but completely different.

Tails is not only a web browser but an operating system. The good thing with Tails is that it is portable via your USB stick and can be run directly without formal installation.

Tails uses its own RAM and not the Hard-disk of the system where it is installed, and this leads to its complete disappearance from the system once surfing comes to an end.


A popular web browser available only for Windows operating system, Yandex is chromium based.
Yandex has a Turbo Mode feature which increases browsing speed. The advantage of this browser is that it has built-in DNS Spoofing protection which prevents you from becoming a victim of fake, phishing or fraudulent webpages.

Burner Browser

Burner Browser is ideal for your private browsing on your Windows computer, a virtual desktop and VPN.

This browser is unique in the sense that it allows users to customize their private and controlled servers on their desktop before surfing the web.

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is among the best anonymous mobile browsers from Mozilla. This applies to only android devices and has a special feature, ‘Secure Browser’ mode that automatically deletes all cookies, cache and all other browsing activities.

This web browser app for Android focuses on data and blocks any spiny activities on your online connections.

In addition to the ten top anonymous web browsers, let us take a look at Iridium.


Chromium code based, this browser ensures utmost privacy to its users through the latest and modified technology systems. Iridium builds are reproducible and any modification can be audited, giving the browser an edge over other anonymity browsers.

The features of Iridium include fast speed that is experienced in fast loading and rendering of complex web sites. It is easy to use and requires no technical skills or knowledge.

Privacy is guaranteed to the maximum and the browser is available for Windows and macOS. To download and learn more about Iridium, click here.

These top anonymous web browsers are set to give you the privacy and protection you need as you go through your normal surfing or confidential data search. Be sure to select one that suits your needs and get browsing without having to look behind your shoulders.

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