Arrests Aug 12, 2020

Authorities Lay Trap for Boston Man Who Tried Obtaining Guns and Cyanide via Darknet

Boston man in cross-country-video-game case is arrested by authorities…

Official statements into a July 29 law enforcement operation have revealed that the police were looking for former convict Trevor Lucas who has since been arrested and will face fresh charges in court.

Reportedly, the police operation roused public interest after officers were spotted entering and exiting 143 Fulton St. in what turned out to be a search for knock-out drugs, computers and cellphones belonging to the suspect who lived there.

The agents were seen to be wearing shirts indicating that they are from the Hazardous Evidence Response Team, an aspect that suggested that the officers were responding to a possible incident involving weapons of mass destruction.

According to the police, Lucas was apprehended before he could flee the state to possibly harm a former boyfriend.

A Case Dating Back Nine Years

Lucas was released after serving a prison sentence in a case dating back nine years – when the man was alleged to have driven cross-country with a weapon to harm a teen following a dispute over an online video game.

Since his release, the defendant had not posed any visible threat to members of the public until an alarm was raised when Lucas began researching about “ways to kills someone. It is then that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched an undercover operation to look into the man’s activities – an agent convinced Lucas that he would help him acquire the guns and cyanide he needed, although reports indicate that that the man was arrested before any damage was done.

A Murder Conspiracy and Dark Web-Bought Drugs

Lucas was apprehended for reportedly violating the terms of his supervised release on his conviction concerning the aforementioned cross-country-video-game case. The man’s July 2019 prison release was accompanied by a specific ban in which the defendant was warned against possessing any drugs or guns.

As it stands, federal officers are pursuing fresh charges that concern the illicit possession of controlled substances for distribution purposes, and wire fraud, after a successful investigation that commenced in February

Boston authorities received an anonymous call from a tipster that informed law enforcement agents about his encounter with Lucas who described himself as a former convict, and inquired about ways to “kill someone without being caught” – including the fact that the defender was interested in acquiring a knock-out drugs to be used in targeting an individual.

Thereafter, the FBI was notified about the man’s exploits and an undercover agent was assigned to lay a trap on the man. It turns out that the agents succeeded in convincing the tipster to show up for an interview, where they learnt that Lucas had been plotting to acquire fake identification to be used in leaving the state in contravention of probation terms.

According to court records, the tipster returned to Lucas’s residence in March, and learnt about the man’s dark web purchase of a “whole cocktail of drugs” that appeared to be liquid GHB stored in containers disguised as sports drinks.

Laying the Trap

By late March, an undercover FBI agent was introduced to Lucas, who was made to believe that he would assist him acquire a fake firearm license and guns.

A month following the first meet-up, Lucas had a phone conversation with the undercover agent in which the defendant inquired for three specific firearms a Glock, a 9-mm Beretta and a .357 Magnum. The two individuals maintained communication via email and Facetime for several weeks until Lucas’s arrest on July 29.

Point to note, court records intimate that on July 20, Lucas had asked the undercover agent for leads relating to cyanide or knock-out drugs for sale. The defendant even provided clarification that he would prefer obtaining a drug that kills “completely”.



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