General News May 06, 2022

Authorities Arrest Five Dark Web Assassin Marketplace Ringleaders

The ringleaders of Besa Mafia dark web murder-for-hire site have been arrested…
The ringleaders of Besa Mafia dark web murder-for-hire site have been arrested by Romanian authorities.

It is no secret that the dark web is riddled with lots of strange platforms such as a significant amount of hitman-for-hire websites that offer murder as a convenient and affordable service. Well, it turns out that most of these marketplaces are scam sites out to dupe unsuspecting users out of their crypto. Nonetheless, undercover law enforcement operations have been hard at work to weed out the masterminds of these hazardous sites even as their numbers continue to rise along with the increased demand for covert services supplied via the darknet ecosystem.

Romanian authorities have announced that they apprehended five suspects believed to be operating one of the dark web’s most prolific assassin marketplaces that promised prospective customers that they would be able to access hitman services for “a little crypto”. According to an official press release, Romania’s Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) named Besa Mafia (also known as Camorra Hitman and #1 Hitman Marketplace) as the site that was being operated by the five alleged masterminds.

The DIICOT intimated that it had made the successful arrests at the request of the U.S. government that’s been hard at work targeting the illicit activities of organized criminal groups operating within the shadows of the dark web.

Experts: Darknet Assassin Sites are Scams

Dark web analysts and cybersecurity experts assert that murder-for-hire platforms on the dark web are out to scam people out of their crypto, rather than offer the services they claim to have. It turns out that Besa Mafia was no exception as evidenced by a plethora of news articles calling out the platform for being “a fraud” that’s managed to gain massive profits from a long list of services that go beyond murder to include torture and beatings.

As reported by Motherboard, people pay huge amounts of money to get hitman services, with the range being from $5,000 to as much as $20,000 in Bitcoin. It is quite interesting that a large number of people have been parting with this kind of money in exchange of the promise that their target will be brutalized or killed. Still, make no mistake, the persons that tried contracting Besa Mafia to kill their targets had real intentions. This is evidenced by a 2016 Besa Mafia data leak in which the platform’s “Kill list” was exposed – a number of the people on the list ended up dead although not by Besa Mafia hitmen.


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