Drugs Feb 11, 2023

Austrian resident resells drugs he ordered through “DarkWeb”

Austrian law enforcement agencies detained a 39-year-old man who resold…

Austrian law enforcement agencies detained a 39-year-old man who resold drugs ordered from “DarkWeb”. According to the information provided, the man lived in the city of Linz.

According to the information provided by the police, the accused resold drugs ordered from the “dark web” for 10 years. He sold such drugs as cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, LSD and others. After his arrest, police were able to identify two more drug dealers, aged 31 and 22. They are known to have sold drugs worth more than 130 thousand euros. The police are also investigating 40 other people accused of buying drugs.

During interrogation, the 22-year-old man admitted that all the drugs he sold were bought from a 39-year-old resident of Linz. After the confession, the police obtained a search warrant for the Linz resident’s house, where they found a large amount of drugs and an undisclosed amount of money. During the interrogation of the drug dealer, the police learned that all the drugs he used, resold and imported were bought through a store on the Dark Web. Despite all the evidence, the dealer was not arrested. The investigation did not end there, and later the police found out that the man had not abandoned his “dark” business. On January 23, 2023, the police received another warrant, this time to search the accused’s residence. The search revealed several times more drugs than the last time, namely: almost 4 kilograms of cocaine, more than 3000 doses of LSD, almost 1000 ecstasy pills, up to 20 kilograms of marijuana and other drugs whose names are not disclosed.

After 10 years of running a drug trafficking business, the 39-year-old resident of Linz was arrested and is now awaiting trial.


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