Anonymity Jun 07, 2022

Anonymous says it has hacked printers ‘all over Russia’ to spread anti-propaganda messages

People of Russia must discover frightfulness in Putin’s actions,’ says…
People of Russia must discover frightfulness in Putin’s actions,’ says interpretation of one message spread by Anonymous

Worldwide hacktivist collective Anonymous claims to have remotely gotten to unsecured printers over Russia to print out “anti-propaganda” messages almost the Ukraine conflict. “We have been printing anti-propaganda and Tor establishment enlightening to printers all over [Russia] for 2 hours, and printed 100,000+ duplicates so distant. 15 individuals working on this op as we speak,” the hacktivist gather tweeted. Speaking to the Universal Commerce Times, a part of the collective said the gather is direction Russians how to introduce Tor, an open-source web browser that may permit Anonymous to communicate with them for future updates.

“We hacked printers all over Russia and printed this PDF clarifying that Putin/Kremlin/Russian media is lying and after that we educating how to introduce Tor and get around their censorship to get to genuine media,” a part of the collective, who goes by the Twitter handle @DepaixPorteur, told IBT. “We’re right now propelling a printer assault on 156 [Russian] printers. As of now over 40,000+ copies,” the part tweeted.

“Putin slaughtering over thousands in Ukraine. The individuals of Russia must discover frightfulness in Putin’s actions,” the interpretation read. “Protest Putin’s unlawful war and spread the truth approximately his lies… Battle for your legacy and respect. Topple Putin’s degenerate framework that takes from your pockets,” it said. The hacktivist collective has carried out a few cyber assaults on Russia since the nation attacked Ukraine on 24 February. Prior this month, Mysterious hacked a few gushing administrations and TV news channels in Russia to broadcast film of the country’s attack of Ukraine. “The hacking collective [Mysterious] hacked into the Russian gushing administrations Wink and Ivi (like Netflix) and live TV channels Russia 24, Channel One, Moscow 24 to broadcast war film from Ukraine [today],” it reported in early Walk on Twitter in the midst of the Kremlin’s overwhelming clampdown on anti-war challenges and data around the war.

The collective had hacked Russian media locales final month, showing a message caution perusers of “certain death” for troops in Ukraine. “Dear citizens. We encourage you to halt this franticness, don’t send your children and spouses to certain passing. Putin makes us lie and puts us in danger,” the domestic page for Fontanka, a news outlet based in St Petersburg, perused.

With the collective not having a authority or authoritative structure, agents said they don’t “gather on plan, to examine and vote,” but or maybe “someone brings up an thought or a done hack or anything and in case other Anons like it, they connect a bunch around this. Or don’t.” Anonymous had too told IBT that it is working on a information dump that would “blow Russia away”.


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