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In a world where every Internet user is trackable and can be held accountable for their online and offline activity, anonymity has become a valuable and limited resource. But is it something worth preserving? Do we, as a society, benefit from behaviors displayed by anonymous agents on the Internet, or does anonymity make it harder for the public to reach a consensus?

Who are Anonymous hackers, and what do they do?

Anonymous is a modern well-organized group of international hackers. The term originally surfaced in 2003 as a concept of offline and online user communities that represented the anarchic digital global brain. The term anonymous in the news reports also refers to a subculture that promotes the idea of ​​freedom and anonymity on the World Wide Web. The anonymous group news reveals that this organization opposes Internet censorship, surveillance, and harassment.

The earliest anonymous news in the media showed that the participants of this decentralized but coordinated Internet community often hacked into protected governmental systems for fun and as a way to show that surveillance and violation of privacy could be a two-way street. However, starting 2008, the agenda of the group has shifted towards socially meaningful hacktivism. According to the latest anonymous hack news, the organization is now more focused on fighting injustice and bringing digital revenge upon those who, in their opinion, did wrong by others.

The Anonymous members are engaged in conducting digital protests against anti-piracy companies from various record companies, punishing online users found to be guilty of racism, vicious treatment of children and animals, and launching cyber-attacks against private companies – like the anonymous new video that targeted Elon Musk and accused Tesla of cooperating all too intimately with the government.

Top-3 most prominent Anonymous operations

Below are our picks for the three biggest and most expressive Anonymous hacks. To learn more about the group’s activism and read the latest anonymous hackers news, please scroll through the website/Anonymity section.

#1 Operation Payback

In 2010, the hacker group Anonymous launched a series of cyber-attacks at the opponents of Internet copyright violation. The aim was to DDoS the websites of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, RIAA, MPAA, the British Phonographic Industry, and a wide range of law firms that represented those in courts. 

#2 Operation Free Korea

In April 2013, the popular IT webzine BGR posted an anonymous hacker news piece claiming that the group had launched an attack on the North Korean government. The demands made assumingly included the resignation of the country’s dictator leader Kim Jong-un, waivering of any nuclear ambitions, and provision of uncensored Internet access to all North Korean people.

#3 Uganda LGBT rights

In August 2012, the Anonymous group members hacked into Uganda’s two government websites to protest against the repressive and highly discriminating homophobic laws, which, if approved, could make homosexuality a criminal behavior punishable by death. 

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