Law enforcement Aug 07, 2020

Alleged Dealers in Germany’s Largest Bitcoin-Enabled Darknet Market to Stand Trial

The alleged operators of dark web site Chemical Revolution have been placed…

A September 2019 study conducted by German authorities on drug trafficking noted a 27.5 percent rise in drug-related offenses in the year 2018 – a difference that stood out from figures collected the previous year.

Today, the alleged dealers involved in Chemical Revolution – Germany’s biggest crypto-enabled dark web market – will face trial on drug charges.

Importantly, official reports intimate that the great number of defendants in the case has compelled local authorities to conduct the procedure in stages, with seven suspects facing the court in the initial stages at the regional court in central Germany.

While the seven suspects will face trial in the regional court that’s large enough to facilitate proceedings for the defendants, it turns out that a total of eleven individuals had been apprehended by law enforcement in June 2019 after investigators cracked their whip on Chemical Revolution.

A Highly Successful Business

The arrested persons have been charged with supplying massive quantities of banned substances to a darknet-browsing consumers in exchange for Bitcoin. Among the drugs noted by investigators included MDMA, amphetamine, heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

The Frankfurt prosecution has asserted that the eleven charged persons were involved in drug trafficking – moving more than 130kg of amphetamines, 42kg of cannabis, 17kg of crystalline ecstasy, 6kg of cocaine, and a significant amount of heroin through the Chemical Revolution dark web e-commerce website.

Court records show that the defendants in this case were responsible for the day-to-day of operations of the darknet platform – controlling different sections of the entire drug supply chain, from site admins to drug mules and sales persons.

The success of Chemical Revolution was attributed to the operators’ adoption of techniques within the subjects of anonymization, encryption software and integration of Bitcoin purchases across the platform’s online activities.

German authorities intimate that the defendants ran a robust operation between September 2017 and February 2019, which raked massive profits that surpassed $1.2 million. It is believed that the drug dealers’ trade had grown to become Germany’s largest online drugs business.

Previous reporting into the case alleged that the Chemical Revolution drug dealers also conducted business using the now-defunct Wall Street Market, which had grown to become the world’s second biggest dark web platform.

The Police Operation

Law enforcement agents discovered the existence of Chemical Revolution in the spring of 2019. The operation that led to its identification, dismantlement and arrest of its vendors was likened to a “crime thriller” by commentators across various media spheres.

Reportedly, a number of undercover agents posed as drug customers to make purchases from the darknet platform, with a host of insiders being used by the police to understand the underground workings of the drug business.

To succeed in criminal identification, law enforcement agents ordered narcotics through Chemical Revolution – including 10g of marijuana for 100 euros, 25 ecstasy tablets for 113 euros, 50g of Colombian cocaine for 3,010 euros.

The interesting angle to the investigations was marked by involvement of a young German mastermind that managed the intricate workings of the drug business from the holiday island of Mallorca.

It was revealed that most of the offending parties interacted among themselves through online pseudonyms and nicknames as a measure to eliminate the need for risky personal contact.

Further, according to German prosecution, cocaine, ecstasy tablets and marijuana was transmitted via mail during the entire lifetime of the drug empire. Investigative materials indicate the existence of “mules” that would pose with regular supermarket bags at designated drug packing stations to wait for mailed packages.

By the time law enforcement lifted the lid on the criminal enterprise, it is alleged that the perpetrators had made significantly large amounts of money.

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