Drugs May 05, 2020

Alabama Police Bust Drugs Believed to Be Bought From the Dark Web

Trussville Police have apprehended a man suspected to have bought drugs…

A man from Trussville, Alabama, has been slapped with a number of charges following a drug seizure that was conducted by local law enforcement.

The suspect, 36-year-old Billy Gibson, faces drug trafficking charges involving an assortment of drugs including methamphetamine, LSD and marijuana. Additionally, Gibson has been charged with manufacturing and being in possession of controlled drugs – including the possession of illicit drug paraphernalia.

Further, the suspect faces charges of the illegal possession of a gun and illegally possessing prescription drugs.

The drug bust that led to the arrest was a joint effort between the Trussvile Police Department and the Special Response Team that acted on a narcotics search warrant that was issued against the suspect’s residence on May 1, 2020.

According to reports by investigators, law enforcers discovered about 350 doses of LSD, nearly 1 pound of methamphetamine, several assorted pills, pill presses, Psilocybin mushrooms, about 2 pounds of marijuana that was being cultivated inside the suspect’s house in the 700 block of Morgan Street. Importantly, the police stated that a number of the seized drugs were purchased off a dark web market.

Gibson was checked into the Jefferson County Jail and is being held on bonds amounting to $255, 600.

Coronavirus Is Sending Drug Buyers to the Dark Web

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused a shift in the dynamic of drug commerce. In the UK, for example, London streets are starting to clear of drug dealers who are reportedly closing shop except continuing to sell drugs to a few of their loyal customers. In this respect, it can be inferred that a host of drug sellers are concerned about the source of their next reload once the pandemic holds down their supplies.

Like legitimate businesses, drug dealers are struggling with the logistical nightmares that have accompanied lockdowns, with entire supply chains coming to its knees amid the raging pandemic.

At this point, there is a rising trend in which a large number of drug users are turning to the dark web for supplies. As we already know, darknet platforms utilize the Tor network to ensure user anonymity when browsing the hidden web, and enable people to purchase goods and services using cryptocurrency.

This aspect has reflected on the crypto world where Bitcoin exchanges have witnessed an influx of new users since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the World Health organization.

An important observation that has been made by these exchanges is the fact that a majority of new entrants have not been trading or accumulating crypto, but withdrawing the funds.

This reality opens up the likelihood that most of these funds are spent on the dark web by users to procure all things illegal, including drugs.


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