Drugs Dec 01, 2022

A man with the nickname “Narco710” – who was selling oxycodone – was arrested

Last week, was charged with manufacturing and selling narcotics in the…

Last week, was charged with manufacturing and selling narcotics in the Los Angeles area. He operated at least two drug factories and distributed at nine marketplaces in the Darkweb.

Christopher Hampton is suspected of receiving approximately $2 million in cryptocurrency from the Darkweb marketplaces where he sold counterfeit drug pills, Adderall, and OxyContin.

Hampton used the nickname “Narco710” on the marketplaces and the Dread forum. He was arrested on Nov. 2. During the arrest and search, six pill presses, 450 pounds of narcotics, marihuana, grub, and other substances were found that could not be immediately identified.

According to an FBI agent, one of the perpetrator’s computers was unlocked at the time of the arrest, allowing investigators to access a list of substance buyers that consisted of more than 2,200 contacts.

As it turns out, surveillance of Hampton began after he ordered a labeled pill press. Later, undercover FBI agents placed large orders – which is how our suspect’s involvement in drug manufacturing was proven. As of today, Christopher Hampton could receive a life sentence if proven guilty.


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