Drugs Feb 11, 2023

A group of people who sold drugs through the “DarkWeb” was detained in Russia

Police in the city of Ryazan (a city in Russia) have taken 4 suspected…

Police in the city of Ryazan (a city in Russia) have taken 4 suspected drug traffickers into custody.

According to the information provided by law enforcement agencies, the group worked according to a carefully planned scheme. There are four suspects in total: three men and one woman. As it turned out later, their leader was a 24-year-old man. Responsibilities for processing orders, packaging and delivery of drugs were distributed among the group members. While the group leader was responsible for the operation of the store in the “dark web”, the second member was engaged in the purchase of apartments to use them as a platform for storing and packaging drugs. A third man and a girl were responsible for packaging and order processing, and they packaged drugs in packages according to orders received from the “dark web”.

They quietly conducted their business until January 13, 2023, when they were detained by the police. During the investigation, the apartment they used as a packaging center was searched, and the police also searched the suspects’ apartments. As a result, a large amount of drugs such as hashish, ecstasy, and others were found.

Currently, the criminals have been arrested and are to be tried under the article on drug trafficking in particularly large amounts.


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