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Description: Why cryptoarbitrage? 1) You don’t need big capital….


Why cryptoarbitrage?

1) You don’t need big capital.

You can earn, having 30 000r. Multiply your capital in a few months and reinvest in any other direction. The ceiling is not limited here.


The difference in rates was and will always be. In the 90-ies people bought and sold dollar profitable, today we do it with crypto, in 10 years there will be another asset. We will tell about the tools which help to find this difference and earn on it.

3) Time.

To make one round, you need to spend from 3-20 minutes and fix the profit immediately. Spending 1 hour a day, it’s realistic to make + 50% in a month. During an experiment, I was able to achieve these results in 5 days.

4) Mobile.

Only phone. You can conduct transactions anywhere in the world.
  • 4 weeks of training;
  • 4 modules, 22 topics and lessons on record;
  • 3 effective earning strategies.


  • Module 1 . Immersion in the world of arbitrage
  • Module 2. The basics of trading in cryptocurrency;
  • Module 3. Cross-corridor strategy;
  • Module 4. Cryptoarbitrage. Binding on USDT.
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